About James Morris

James Morris graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Coventry Polytechnic in June 1991 and immediately moved to London to fulfil his dream of being an artist.

A week later he ran out of food and emergency credit on his electricity meter. Subsequently he got a job as a street cleaner round Regents Park; although insisted it was performance art if anyone asked.

Over the ensuing years a series of "actionism happenings" followed, cleverly disguised as jobs. Particular highlights from this period are: "Barman" (1993-95), "Windscreen Cleaner, Camden Lock Junction" (1995-97) and the seminal "Night Shift in a Scented Candle Factory Whilst Listening to Barry Manilow at Full Volume - Looped", (1998).

At the same time he performed spontaneous happenings which often occurred in pubs. Details are hazy, but some titles are: "Crossing a Dual Carriageway (with Kebab)", "Oiwashyorname... oimate... ohfuggitwashthepoint" and "Penguin Woman". However, all of these have since been disowned by the artist.

Many of the themes explored in the above work are reflected in "Captain Caned".